How to Get a Road Construction Job with No Experience


Be willing to work as a laborer
Construction laborer jobs are relatively plentiful in Florida. The pay ranges from minimum wage to the $40,000 range in some states. In Florida, according to this same source, the starting salary averages at just under $26,000.

Generally, laborer jobs do not require a high school diploma or GED. The work is physically demanding and can be dangerous. However, a laborer can advance quickly by picking up new skills on the job and demonstrating leadership and responsibility.

Use an apprenticeship program
Apprenticeship programs are a way to learn skills, gain certifications, and earn a living while doing so. The length of an apprenticeship program varies, but they are a way to gain progressive skill and career advancement.

People as young as 16 can be eligible for apprenticeship programs, but most programs require a minimum age of 18. Details vary according to locations and states, but very comprehensive information can be found here. There are numerous apprenticeship programs available throughout Florida.

Draft a strength-based resume
There are plenty of tips and articles on how to write resumes. Hiring managers for construction jobs requiring no experience will not typically need a detailed resume. They will need to know that you are dependable, will show up for work on time, have reliable transportation, and can safely operate basic equipment. It may be necessary to operate a pickup truck, so many employers will require a drivers’ license with a CDL (commercial drivers’ license) preferred.

If you took woodworking or other construction skills in school, that helps. If you fixed things around the house or on a job, that helps. If you have any skills at all, even if not formally trained or certified, include them. If you do have certifications, that’s even better.

OnBoard4Jobs has complied feedback from hiring managers. The information completed on this form is based on that feedback and usually suffices to get a construction company interested in interviewing you.

Use a temporary agency
There are many temporary agencies that can assist with your job search. OnBoard4Jobs has had a great deal of success placing candidates with Florida road construction companies. Consider us a resource in your job search. For more information, please visit us anytime.