Four Simple “Must Haves” to Get Hired Fast in Road and Bridge Construction

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Road construction and engineering companies in Florida need talented crew. They are always hiring, and the need for construction and repair of roads and bridges in Florida is constant and continuous. Commercial and residential building construction further increases the competition for good talent. As a result, there are plenty of jobs available. The good news is that you don’t always need much experience. While it is preferred, many companies will train people.

OnBoard4Jobs connects candidates with road construction contractors in Florida. Take it from us. There are a few very simple things you can put on a resume that quickly answer an employers’ questions. While they are simple, they are commonly left out of resumes.

  1. Current contact information. NAME, PHONE NUMBER AND E-MAIL ADDRESS. If you submitted a resume through, please include the e-mail address somewhere, even in the summary or objective part of the resume. Indeed generates a unique one but employers want your actual e-mail address. A major reason is that they can easily contact you again for a different position if the one you apply for if not hired at first. Additionally, OnBoard4Jobs can refer you to many different employers with your e-mail address. So please provide it.
  2. Specific experience. Have you been a welder? If you have been a welder for five years, make sure the job titles and descriptions are concise and prominent. “Welder. ABC Construction. July, 2015-present”
  3. Certifications, diplomas and degrees. If you have certifications, please list them prominently. If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), please include that. Certifications are of far greater importance than academic degrees.
  4. All applicable skills, even non-construction related. If you learned some electrical work at a technical high school, don’t be shy. List it! Many companies are looking for foremen, so if you have management, supervisory or leadership experience, say so. Are you good at customer service? Say so. If your parents taught you carpentry and you are good at it, put it on the resume regardless of formal training or certification. List your skills in a prominent and concise manner. Don’t forget intangible traits such as reliable, courteous, punctual, etc.

Construction employers don’t expect your resume to reflect a great literary effort. But they do need to know how to get in touch with you, your skills, and your training and certification. Make sure your resume covers these four things well, and you will be on the job much faster than those who don’t. Reach out to OnBoard4Jobs and consider us a resource.

Good luck!